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[[ SHINee ]] Linear Equations 4/?.

Title: Linear Equations.
Author: sacryde_riots.
Fandom: SHINee.
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin.
Rating: PG-16 for this chapter, I suppose?
Summary: Taemin was not the kind of boy to make friends for the sake of having friends; all he needed was his dance. So why did he suddenly find himself drawn to Jonghyun, the boy who never stopped crooning his love song to Juliette?
Status/length: Incomplete, 2,200 words.
Author's Note: This is the side story (more of a prequel, really) to my Onew/Minho fic, Parallel Lines, but it can be read on its' own as AU. And I swear it's not all math-y; I just like the way math terms sound. ^^;;
Previous Chapters: 01, 02, 03


"Why do you have a coffee pot in your room?" Taemin asked the next morning, watching from his bed as Jonghyun fiddled around with the machine easily.

"Because, my folks hate it when I make coffee in the middle of the night near them, because the smell wakes them up or something, so they just bought me my own," Jonghyun started, closing the lid on top and flipping the switch, turning to look at Taemin with a satisfied grin, like he'd just fixed the world. Taemin rolled his eyes. "Besides, I like to make my own coffee and I don't want them stealing something I bought and made with my own money."

"Yeah, the money they gave you as allowance," Taemin smirked, watching the way Jonghyun huffed and crossed his arms, a small chuckle escaping his lips. There was a part of him that almost missed the moments back in Seoul where he would just sit there, listening to Jonghyun trying to serenade Juliette. He missed being able to watch the other man from afar, never letting on to the way the soulful voice really affected him, and the way he'd been able to simply admire from afar without having to deal with an actual conversation.

At the same time, though, he was starting to love this. He was finding things out about Jonghyun that he never would have found out otherwise; like the fact that he was a snarky little asshole, he never stopped making rude comments, and he didn't really get along with his father. He was finding out that Jonghyun had taught himself how to play bass, that he had composed songs before, that 'Juliette' was inspired by watching an old American film. Taemin was able to speak to him easily, without worrying about whether or not Jonghyun thought he was weird, because it didn't matter now. They were living together.

"Now, before you make any more smartass remarks, try it," Jonghyun said, grinning as he handed Taemin a piping hot mug of coffee. Taemin blinked, taking it from him and staring down at the cup curiously. He had to admit, it smelled damn good.

"I usually drink coffee with sugar and ice cubes, though," Taemin muttered, shifting uneasily as the hot mug warmed his hands.

"Oh, don't be a baby. My coffee doesn't need sugar, and I set the temperature to a slightly lower one than normal," Jonghyun grinned, making himself a cup of coffee before going to sit on Taemin's bed next to him. Taemin thought to himself that invading someone elses' space bubble would be rude, if it was anyone else but Jonghyun; things that would seem rude if anyone else did them seemed almost natural with him.

Taemin sighed, deciding to just give in for now and drink the damn coffee, knowing that he needed some in his system anyway if he was going to dance tonight and deal with Jonghyun at the same time. He took a sip, letting his tongue register all the different flavors, his eyes going wide as he turned to stare at Jonghyun, who seemed to have expected that exact reaction.

"It's fucking delicious."

"I know," Jonghyun grinned, taking a drink from his own mug with a satisfied smirk playing along his lips. Taemin felt like pushing that smirk right off his lips, but as it was, he couldn't. He couldn't stop drinking the coffee, all the different scents and flavors blending together in an absolutely intoxicating way.

Once Taemin finished his coffee, he put his coffee mug onto the desk next to his bed. He blinked at Jonghyun a few times, still unable to fully comprehend the idea that they were sitting there together, and that he wasn't practically pissing his pants with nerves.

"So, the coffee. What brand is that?"

"Brand?" Jonghyun asked, raising an eyebrow at Taemin. "I don't drink branded coffee, it's way too expensive and not nearly good enough. I buy the beans directly from an importer and roast and blend it myself."

"You can blend coffee?" Taemin asked, eyes going slightly wide with surprise, "I mean, don't you have to use a special tool for that? Doesn't it cost a lot of money?"

"The tools are cheap," Jonghyun grinned, shaking his head and going up to get more from the pot, holding it out for Taemin to get more. "I'll show you another time, okay? My parents said that we had to finish unpacking your shit before either of us can use the basement."

"Shit, you're kidding me," Taemin groaned, looking around the room at all the boxes (half of which were just cds) and hanging his head. This was going to take forever.

"I'll help," Jonghyun said, shrugging when Taemin looked at him suspiciously. "I just want to set up the basement already, and I can't do that until I get the key."

"You could just steal it," Taemin mumbled, letting out a squeak of surprise when Jonghyun threw a pair of jeans at him. He pulled the fabric from his face, glaring at the older boy who was now grinning like the cat that ate the canary, already with his hands buried in a box of Taemin's stuff.

"Fine! Just don't throw shit at me again," Taemin grumbled, shoving Jonghyun to the side in order to get to his clothes, a small smile playing along his lips at the way the other man laughed, the sound filling the silent room to the brim. There was something both comforting and disconcerting about that laugh, but Taemin wasn't exactly planning on delving too far into that train of thought, at least not yet. That could wait for another time.


"Hey, bro. I'm going out with some friends, let mom and dad know if they ask, okay?"

"Sure thing," Jonghyun nodded, hugging his sister tightly before she left their room, closing the door shut behind her.

Taemin looked up from his stack of cds, having been in the process of organizing them alphabetically, raising a curious eye at Jonghyun, who was now sighing and running a hand through his hair. Jonghyun looked up just then, grinning at Taemin before bouncing over to where he stood, almost knocking Taemin down in the process.

Taemin glared at him, but Jonghyun seemed to pay it no mind as he inspected the cd collection, giving an approving 'hmm' and nod before going back over to the boxes, continuing to grab Taemin's clothes and fling them on the bed. Taemin sighed, going back to organizing his cds.

"Did you notice how my folks pretty much gave us kids the entire upstairs?" Jonghyun asked suddenly. Taemin turned to look at him, blinking twice before shaking his head. "They gave your brother the room next to my sister's, and then we share this one. The other two bedrooms are downstairs."

"So?" Taemin asked, rolling his eyes a little and turning back to the cds, secretly curious about where this little speech was headed.

"Well, there are two reasons for that," Jonghyun started, sounding more like he was talking to himself out loud then to anyone in particular. Taemin gave a small hum, letting Jonghyun know that he was listening, just in case the older man actually wanted him to.

"The first reason is, of course, to keep an eye on me," Jonghyun said, and Taemin could practically hear the grin that was filling up the entire lower half of his face. "They want to have some kind of control over me, so they make sure they can spot me easily if I try to go in the basement at night or sneak out of the house past curfew."

"Do you ever sneak out?" Taemin asked curiously, turning around so that he was now facing Jonghyun, laughing when he saw that Jonghyun was now sprawled out on the floor staring up at the ceiling. Jonghyun merely threw a sock at him.

"Sometimes, but it's not like I'm going to gang meetings or mugging people like they seem to think," Jonghyun said, grinning widely at Taemin who was now rolling his eyes. "It's not like being on the same floor as the exit's going to help them anything. I'm sly as a fox" Jonghyun sing-songed. Taemin smirked, having already realized that by now from the way Jonghyun skipped almost silently around the room.

"And the second reason?" Taemin asked, raising a curious eyebrow. Jonghyun smirked, sitting up suddenly and staring at Taemin in a way that made Taemin feel slightly unnerved. He shifted his feet around anxiously, almost wishing that he hadn't even asked.


Taemin blinked three times, letting that information slowly sink into his mind, feeling his face flush a bright shade of red that only got darker by the second. Jonghyun let out a bark of laughter, kicking at Taemin's legs and laughing even harder when he fell with a squeak. Taemin glared hard, throwing the first thing he could reach at Jonghyun, his face flushing even darker when he realized that it was the soundtrack of porn music. He blushed, sitting with his back against the wall, arms wrapped around his knees, the pout on his face never leaving for a second. Jonghyun just kept laughing, rolling around on the ground, banging his fist on the ground for several minutes straight until he finally calmed down, sitting up to look at Taemin, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes.

"You're so innocent, man," Jonghyun cackled, reaching out to pinch Taemin's cheeks the way an old woman would. Taemin pouted, glaring at Jonghyun with all the anger he could muster, even though it honestly wasn't that much. Damn that Jonghyun and his infectious smile.

"I'm not innocent," Taemin grumbled, kicking at Jonghyun weakly, his pout increasing when Jonghyun merely laughed.

"Sure, kid. Sure," Jonghyun grinned, leaning forward with a raised eyebrow, that damn I-know-everything expression on his face again. "I'm going to bet that you've never had sex before," Taemin blushed. "That you've never kissed before," Taemin pouted. "That you've never had a girlfriend, or boyfriend if that's you're preference," Taemin glared. Jonghyun laughed, reaching out and mussing up Taemin's hair, laughing harder when Taemin squeaked. "I'll bet that you've never even liked anyone before. Hell, you probably don't even have a type."

Taemin glared at Jonghyun again, kicking out his leg once more, this time with as much power as he could put behind it, letting out a satisfied grin at the howl of pain Jonghyun let out. He watched the way Jonghyun rolled from side to side with his knee clutched to his chest, his teeth gritted as he whined about how Taemin was so scrawny and he shouldn't have that much power.

"I'm a dancer, remember?" Taemin grinned, laughing at the way Jonghyun just glared at him. "Anyway, what the hell does sex have to do with our parents giving us the upstairs?"

Jonghyun stuck his tongue out at Taemin, turning around to run away, as if he expected Taemin to chase him down for the information. Taemin just blinked at him with a raised eyebrow, smirking when Jonghyun noticed that Taemin wasn't moving. Jonghyun pouted, and Taemin grinned triumphantly.

"Well, you know how you can hear all kinds of noises coming from upstairs when you're directly below the room?" Jonghyun asked, plopping his ass down on the carpeted floor. Taemin blinked, thinking back to the times when his brother had brought girls back to the attic late at night, and how he'd heard many things he wished he hadn't. He nodded. "They're probably afraid that your brother and my sister will start something because they're so close in age, and they're probably assuming that I'll corrupt you into bringing home girls while we fuck them in our beds. Have you ever tried that, by the way? Having sex while someone else is doing the same thing on the other side of the room? It's a little weird at first but dude, it's so fucking hot after a while because it's like hearing an echo of your own pleasure and--"


Jonghyun blinked, his eyes going a little bit wide as he grinned impishly. "Sorry, man. I forgot how innocent you are." Taemin kicked him again. "Goddamnit, stop that!"

"Then stop calling me innocent," Taemin grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. It wasn't like he was proud of being innocent, and having Jonghyun of all people remind him of it kind of really pissed him off.

"Fine, fine," Jonghyun mumbled, rubbing his sore leg as he seemed to think of something else, "Now that I think about it, it works both ways too. So they probably just want to have sex again. Ew."

Taemin blinked, staring at the oblivious Jonghyun for a long moment before falling back onto his bed, curling up into a little ball as he mentally beat the tar out of Jonghyun. He blocked out the whining from the other man, even reaching out and kicking him again as he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to desperately get those images out of his brain.

He would kill Jonghyun for that, one day.



A/N: I officially love writing Jonghyun. XDDDDDD And this was a really weird place to leave off. Sorry about that. ^^;; I hope you guys liked it anyway. ♥
Tags: !!fanfiction, !fandom:shinee, !length:multi, !status:incomplete, character:jonghyun, character:taemin, genre:au, rating:pg-13, shinee pairing:jonghyun/taemin

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