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[[ SHINee ]] Linear Equations 6/?.

Title: Linear Equations.
Author: sacryde_riots.
Fandom: SHINee.
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin.
Rating: PG-15, for this chapter.
Summary: Taemin was not the kind of boy to make friends for the sake of having friends; all he needed was his dance. So why did he suddenly find himself drawn to Jonghyun, the boy who never stopped crooning his love song to Juliette?
Status/length: Incomplete, 2,200 words.
Author's Note: This is the side story (more of a prequel, really) to my Onew/Minho fic, Parallel Lines, but it can be read on its' own as AU. And I swear it's not all math-y; I just like the way math terms sound. ^^;;
Previous Chapters: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05


Taemin woke up suddenly in the middle of the night as he felt his entire body being pressed down with fear. His heartbeat increased rapidly, his body froze completely, and his eyes flew open, only to see a block of white teeth grinning at him. It took him a few seconds to realize that he wasn't being pressed down with fear, but with the weight of Jonghyun's ass.

"Wake up, Taemminie~ and get dressed, we're going out."

Taemin blinked. He specifically remembered not going to sleep until well into the afternoon earlier that day, so it had to be late. He glanced over at the alarm clock on Jonghyun's side of the room, groaning as he saw the time. 23:00. Why the bloody fuck would anyone go out that late?

"Come on, kid. Throw these on and meet me downstairs in the kitchen," Jonghyun grinned, tossing what felt like a pair of jeans at Taemin, who didn't even bother trying to catch them, instead just letting them hit him in the face. Jonghyun giggled and left the room, shutting the door behind him quietly.

Taemin lay there for a long moment, remembering how last night they'd just stayed in the basement taking turns singing and dancing. He'd even been able to quietly practice the Juliette dance while Jonghyun had been singing with his back to Taemin. It had been amazing, finally being able to match the sound out loud with the dance, and he'd actually surprised himself with how well it matched the lyrics and rhythm. He wasn't sure if he should own it up to the fact that he was an amazing dancer, or that he'd replayed the song in his mind more times than was humanly sane. He liked to think it was the first option.

Taemin sighed, sitting up and cracking his back as he got out of bed, smelling the faint scent of coffee. He went over to the pot and found enough left in there for a full cup, a small smile gracing his lips as he poured it. He drank his coffee calmly, walking over to his bed where there was a red printed t-shirt laying on top of a pair of ripped jeans and a small pile of bracelets tied together by a silver necklace. Taemin blinked, raising his eyebrow at the ensemble before shrugging his shoulders, figuring it wouldn't hurt to just wear it.

He got dressed quietly, a little bit surprised by how well the clothes fit, before grabbing his mug of coffee and heading downstairs, his stomach rumbling the second he entered the kitchen. Jonghyun turned around with a silly grin and waved a wooden spoon at him. Taemin blinked, raising an eyebrow as Jonghyun seemed to look him up and down, nodding his head in approval with a small 'hmm.'

Taemin opened his mouth to ask Jonghyun what the hell was going on, but Jonghyun quickly 'shh'ed him with a grin, placing a bowl of instant macaroni and cheese with green onions in front of him. Taemin heard his stomach grumble again, and smiled sheepishly before taking the spoon offered to him and digging in.

They ate together quietly, the silence so foreign to Taemin that he could practically feel it pressing in on him. Since he'd moved to this house, there hadn't been a moment where him and Jonghyun hadn't laughed or talked or fought, and this sudden stillness was unnerving him. It seemed like Jonghyun felt it too as he fidgeted around, his eyes darting around the house almost nervously as he tried to look anywhere but at Taemin.

Taemin sighed, finished his bowl of macaroni and cheese, drinking the rest of his coffee and going to place the dishes in the sink, being sure that they made no sound. Jonghyun finished shortly after, putting his bowl in the sink just as cautiously before grabbing Taemin's wrist and leading him to the front door. Taemin froze as he realized that Jonghyun intended to make him sneak out, his eyes widening as he looked left and right for his parents or Jonghyun's parents, a tight feeling of anxiety clenching his stomach. Jonghyun just smiled at him reassuringly, shoving a pair of high-tops at him before putting his own on, seeming completely relaxed. Taemin looked around the still house one more time, his breath held tight in his chest as he put his shoes on as quickly as he could. The second they were tied, Jonghyun grabbed him again and pushed him quietly out the front door, shutting it behind them without a sound.

Neither of them spoke as they hopped the gate onto their street. Taemin let his mind sift through the possible places they could be going to, gulping audibly when he imagined a group of guys and motorcycles armed with baseball bats and knives. Jonghyun glanced at him and smiled, but Taemin didn't find it reassuring in the least. They hit the main street a few minutes later. Taemin glanced around, noticing the few looks they got as they walked down the street in their ripped clothing and accessories, briefly considering whether or not he'd be able to turn around and run back home.

"Relax," Jonghyun muttered. Taemin jumped, glancing over at Jonghyun, who didn't even glance at him as he looked at the street signs, navigating his way through the city. "We're not going anywhere too dangerous."

"Then where are we going?" Taemin asked stubbornly, unable to keep himself from pouting.

"Somewhere you'll love," Jonghyun said simply, turning around to grin at Taemin. Taemin sighed, wondering why he even bothered asking Jonghyun anything anymore. He ran a hand through his hair, choosing to stop questioning things for now and just take in his surroundings, in case he had to make a run for it or something.

The buildings were tall and dark, shadowed in the night like some kind of evil protector. The street lights were just bright enough to let you see where you were, though Taemin noticed uneasily that they kept getting dimmer and dimmer the further they walked. The people were a strange mix of hard-working people in suits who probably just got off work from doing overtime, drunk people out having fun, and a few people who really didn't seem like the kind of people you'd want to run into in the middle of the night. Taemin gulped as one of them looked right at him, reaching a hand out and grabbing Jonghyun's wrist. Jonghyun smirked, shifting his arm until he had him by the hand instead, their fingers slowly intertwining. Taemin blushed, feeling his heart start pounding in his chest as he stared at their hands. He didn't try to pull away, despite the way he stumbled on the cracks in the sidewalk every now and then because his mind was racing far too much to concentrate on anything as obsolete as walking.

"Almost there," Jonghyun whispered, shocking Taemin out of his train of thought. He glanced around curiously, noting the different 24 hours convenience stores, the clothing stores that were now bare and dark, and the people milling about, talking on their cell phones. He glanced at Jonghyun, who smiled and pointed to a sign at the far end of the street, its' letters glowing brightly in the dark. Taemin squinted, chewing his lower lip as he tried to read it, his eyes widening when they finally got close enough to make out each letter, his jaw dropping.

"We're going to a club!?" He screeched, staring at Jonghyun who was now rubbing his ear and grumbling something about brats being too loud nowadays.

"Yes. I'm friends with the guy on duty tonight," Jonghyun smirked. Taemin blinked, not even sure which part of that statement he wanted to pick apart first, but before he got the chance they arrived at the stairway leading downward, the guy hanging around in front of it standing imposingly with huge muscles and impossible height. Taemin gulped.

"Ah, if it isn't Jonghyun!" The man grinned, uncrossing his arms and pulling Jonghyun into a hug suddenly. Taemin squeaked, trying to let go of Jonghyun's hand so he wouldn't fall over, but Jonghyun just tightened his grip, not letting go. Taemin would have blushed if he wasn't preoccupied with trying not to fall on his face.

"I thought you'd never come back," The man whispered, a small smile playing along the edges of his lips, and somehow Taemin got the feeling that he wasn't supposed to hear that. He blushed, pulling his hand away from Jonghyun's and taking a few steps back, not really wanting to get in the middle of anything. Jonghyun pulled away from the man with a smile, whispering something that Taemin couldn't hear, the man's face lighting up when he heard whatever it was.

"This is my friend Taemin," Jonghyun grinned, pointing over to Taemin who flushed and lowered his eyes, not daring to look the other man directly in the face.

"He seems kind of innocent," The man spoke, looking Taemin up and down. "They'll eat him alive in there if you're not careful, Bling."

"Ya don't say," Jonghyun laughed, grabbing Taemin by the hand again, this time with a firmer grip. Taemin just looked back and forth between the two men, not completely understanding the conversation playing out in front of him. He briefly wondered if they were going into a club full of cannibals or vampires.

"Go on in, guys," The man said, grinning as he pulled the rope aside. "And Bling, don't touch the fucking alcohol this time or my boss is gonna kill me."

"Aye aye, captain!" Jonghyun grinned, laughing as he pulled Taemin down the stairs. Taemin glanced back at the man before turning to Jonghyun, his jaw setting itself into a stubborn line as he prepared himself to beat the living crap out of him. That flew out the window the second Jonghyun opened the door, the sound of music nearly knocking him back with the sheer force of it.

Taemin gaped as he stepped inside the club, barely noticing the door swinging shut behind him. The dark room was illuminated by blue and red lights, shifting and moving above the crowd in perfect harmony. On one wall there was a bar, on the other was a dj, and in the center of it all was a large group of people, moving and dancing to the beat of the music, which was thumping straight into Taemin's being, flowing through his body like fire. He felt his breath leave him, felt his heart stop as the music took over, completely taking over his every sense until all he knew was the music, and all he could do was dance.

"Come on," Jonghyun whispered directly into his ear, taking his hand and leading him into the crowd of music, as if he knew exactly what Taemin was feeling. And maybe he did, Taemin mused, as he noticed the way Jonghyun's lips twitched and moved to the sound of the beat, as if he could barely hold back the urge to sing his soul to the world.

Taemin smiled, closing his eyes as he let the music take over him completely, his arms raised above his head, his chest moving from side to side, his knees bending and his feet thumping to the beat. He let himself go, let himself be led entirely by the beat of the music, his entire body moving and flowing and dancing in a way that he barely even knew was possible. There were people who had stopped to look at him, people who were checking him out as a potential mark, but he didn't know and he didn't care. All he cared about now was dancing, and the smile that refused to leave his lips.

His eyes opened slowly, his lids hooded and his pupils dark, the first thing to catch his eye being none other than Jonghyun, who was now staring at him with his mouth slightly agape. Taemin smirked languidly, reaching a hand out to Jonghyun, letting his fingers play along his shoulder, his arm, his fingers, until he'd pulled him forward to dance against him. They moved and flowed and danced, their bodies melding together in perfect harmony, nothing between them anymore but the fabric covering their bodies.

Taemin smiled, wrapping his arms around Jonghyun's waist and tugging him impossibly close, his mind too caught up in the music to recognize the way his breath hitched, the way his entire being seems to be falling, spinning, drowning. He didn't notice the way Jonghyun smiled, the way his eyes pierced right through Taemin's heart, the way everyone else seemed to disappear around them. All Taemin knew in that moment was the music flowing through him like fire, and the feeling that he never wanted this moment to end.



A/N: So, I know this chapter was a bit short, but for some reason I can't bring myself to write really long chapters for this fic, like I did for the TofuHo one. *facepalm* Still, I think 2,200 words is more than what most people write so it's not that bad.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think. ♥ Thank you for reading. ^^

Also, I'm thinking about transferring my fanfiction to a community, because it's kind of a pain in the ass to keep switching between this account and my personal one. What do you guys think? Would you more more or less likely to watch/join it compared to friending this journal, or should I keep it the way it is?
Tags: !!fanfiction, !fandom:shinee, !length:multi, !status:incomplete, character:jonghyun, character:taemin, genre:au, rating:pg-13, shinee pairing:jonghyun/taemin

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