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Welcome To My World.

The fanfiction you will find here is listed both on my profile and on the header, so if it's your cup of tea and you like my writing, feel free to friend this journal at any time. I tend to friend people back, but if you don't want me to do that, just let me know. :)
All fics will be open to the public at all times. I don't believe in locking fics from readers.
The only thing I ask is that you do not take what I write and claim it is your own. I've spent many sleepless nights working on these fics for people to enjoy. If you want to translate anything I've written, all you have to do is ask.

For my personal journal, refer to sacryde
For my graphics journal, refer to spazz_unite
Want to talk to me on msn? I'm under

Any other questions? Feel free to ask.

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