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Every day as I wake I'm whole

You got me feelin' so fresh and good to go.

The baddest female 서울 city never had.
15 July 1991

sacryde_riots .

Hello, and congratulations for stumbling upon the fanfiction journal for sacryde.

Here you will generally find fanfiction for Kpop groups. Mostly I'll post Super Junior and SHINee fanfics, but don't be surprised if you also see some U-Kiss, 2PM, SS501, Big Bang, MBLAQ, or Beast floating around, since I also adore those groups quite a bit. Mostly I write yaoi/slash, but I sometimes get brainstorms for het/yuri as well, so don't be surprised if you see a bit of that.

Other than Kpop, I'm also into anime, video games, Finnish rock, and quite a few other things, although Kpop is my first love. So feel free to add me if any of that sounds interesting to you. I promise I won't bite unless you ask me to. :)